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Top Six Advancements in 3D Printing By the year 2016, 3D printing continues to march forward and has been a part of every aspect of our lives. The utilization of new things, new processes, and likewise new applications, the young field is transforming, coming up with prototypes, producing, and enhancing the world of medicine, design, construction, and even hobbying. What were the primary advancements of the year that enabled all of us closer to 3D bliss? Printing Innovations
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How big most 3D printed stuff is often relative to the size of the 3D printer used when printing them.
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Speed Printing The most commonly used 3D printing technologies often rely on a layer-by-layer approach, hence the term “additive.” For the user though, the procedure has some disastrous drawbacks. Among the most common complaints is the eons necessary to accomplish the task. But the building-up blueprint may also limit possible materials to be used, increases the possibility of introducing flaws, and reduces the chance of introducing defects, which may reduce the ultimate strength of an object. Impressive Personal Applications 3D printing technology has the most potential in the field of biomedicine because it has a big potential in uplifting people’s lives for the better. It is undeniably the place where tailored one-off items are really needed. 3D printed prosthetics and implants have changed the lives of many, but what’s more rewarding is that miracles are no longer impossible when even the paralyzed can now walk again. The Prints in Space You just can’t buy a game piece related to rocket engines on etsy. However, it does not rule out you can not print one in 3D – or more than just one piece. In fact, printing in 3D offers a different option where you can test and make more tests without spending a lot of time and money not yet offered by any of the existing manufacturing processes now available. Elon Musk and his SpaceX engineers have been continually testing and retesting for the past several years utilizing their 3D printed SuperDraco rocket engine. They were finally able to get the rocket off the ground this year. Whatever miracles 3D printing offers space travel, to the infirmed, and to the business manufacturers, as a typical household term, 3D printer will always have a single definition: a tool utilized by people to come up with goofy plastic they want in as much as they want it. Phone and Printing Undeniably, no technology is not yet democratized unless it has been integrated with cellular phones. The aspiration is to use the phone in scanning something and then use its light in the small printer to come up with a print of the end result. 3D printing’s future undeniably looks good. It can be used in ways nobody thought would be possible decades ago.