Minecraft Building Designs: The Beach House (Easy-To-Follow Blueprint)

I have actually been searching for amazing homes to place in my Minecraft world but the other blueprints on Amazon Kindle left me dissatisfied. Then I found The Beach House and I was surprised! This home is gorgeous and the method Johan enhances it actually makes me want to step it up. I had no idea you can make your builds look this great in Minecraft. The quick guide comes with detailed guidelines for every action of the procedure and there's also a video clip that shows you precisely how to develop your home. I highly recommend this eBook and I hope you'll have as much fun with it as I had!

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I’m the author of the preferred Minecraft furniture eBook on Kindle and after lots of requests I have actually been working on suggestions for gorgeous, intricate and attractive home designs. In this eBook I will give you The Beach Home.

It’s a modern residence made mainly of sandstone and spruce wood, perfect on a beach close to the ocean! The house has a bed room, a lovely slab room, a relaxing patio and an ornamental yard style.

This quick guide features:

– A step-by-step layout with valuable images and detailed descriptions.

– A listing of all the resources you’ll need for this blueprint.

– A reference video that gives you every action of the layout.

– Techniques for how to decorate and furnish all rooms of your house.